Prices for photos

Photos by E-Mail, Dropbox or on CD

Format (Pixel)

Price per Photo (EUR)

2400 x 3600
or bigger

13,00 €



Price per Photo (EUR)

10x15 cm,
13x18 cm,
20x30 cm

15,00 €


30 x 45 cm

25,00 €

40 x 60 cm

35,00 €

50 x 75 cm

45,00 €

Shipping and handling
for CDs and Prints

5,00 EUR

Order and payment:

Please order your photos per e-mail or s-mail under specification of
the event and the picture numbers
You'll get an invoice which you can remit by check, bank transfer or paypal.
If you want to pay with paypal i will send you a payment order.
After receipt of payment i'll send the photos.


If you want you can pay with PayPal to